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The Easy Solution for a Clear and Healthy Pond

The TetraPond Bio-Active Pressure Filter works to keep your pond clean and healthy with both mechanical and biological filtration. This easy-to-use filter features a unique open profile bio-activator that provides a large surface area and unrestricted water flow to all surfaces for improved filtering. A simple back flush valve allows for fast cleaning. Model Capacity BP1500 1,500 Gallons BP2500 2,500 Gallons BP4000 4,000 Gallons

How it Works Water is pumped from the pond to the pressure filter. Water is mechanically and biologically filtered. Filtered water is forced under pressure to the waterfall or stream.

Mechanical Filtration

Pond water flows down through the bio-activators which remove suspended debris and dirt from the water.

Biological Filtration

Biological Filtration occurs on the massive surface areas found in the bio-activators. Beneficial bacteria will naturally colonize on the surface area and convert harmful pollutants in the water into relatively harmless nitrates, which are absorbed by the aquatic plants and removed by partial water changes. This is known as the “Nitrogen Cycle”.


TetraPond Bio-Active Pressure Filters come equipped with bio-activators which offer superior filtration and back flush performance over foam. In normal filtration operation, these bio-activators easily trap dirt and debris from your pond and because of their shape they provide a large active surface area for the beneficial bacteria to colonize for upgraded biological filtration. During the back flush operation, bio-activators provide unrestricted water flow to all the surfaces so that dirt and debris are thoroughly removed while leaving the beneficial bacteria on the bio-activator surfaces intact and robust.

Easy Back Flush Capabilities The water is reversed and forced down the center tube. The water jets create a whirlpool effect in the bio-activator chamber. Dirt and debris is loosened from the bio-activators. Dirty water is discharged out the back flush port into the garden.

Enhance Your Filtration Performance

For high performance, power your TetraPond Bio-Active Pressure Filter with a Tetra Pond DHP series clog-free debris handling pump. This combination of pump and filter provides the easy solution for pond maintenance and care.

Do not use with pumps that exceed 4500 gallons per hour. This could damage the filter.

Do not use pumps with flows less than 2500 gal/hr. A minimum of 2500 gallons per hour is necessary to perform the back flush operation.

Note: All pressure filters restrict the flow from your pump. Expect about a 45% reduction in the water flow through the filter.

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