Succeed Granules 10 Lb review

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Digestive imbalance is something of an occupational hazard for the modern performance horse. Grass and other forages are not sufficient to provide the energy horses need for performance. But grain feed, which provides this energy, is not easily digested. Even higher fat, higher fiber diets may allow starch to reach the hindgut, which can lead to a series of problems. If your horse is confined to a stall 6 or more hours per day, exercised regularly, shipped in a trailer to events once per month or more, turned out only occasionally, used as a stallion or brood mare and/or fed concentrates such as processed grain, pellets, or sweet feed, they may benefit from Succeed's Digestive Conditioning Program. The Program has been developed in two forms (paste and granules) and two delivery systems, to ensure it works with your feeding programs and methods. Oral Paste (item# 30G) – is available in individual serving sized oral syringes. Oral paste is ideal for getting a horse started on the program, for use at shows or on the track, or for those who want to ensure their horse gets every drop. And it's great for horses off their feed. Just feed one tube each day – available in cartons of 30 syringes – that's a one month supply for one horse. Top-Dress Granules – are ideal for large farms, or for those who simply prefer to apply their supplements as a top-dressing. They're quick and easy to use, with the provided measuring scoop – just add one scoop to feed once each day. SUCCEED® granules are available in three container sizes: 1.79lb 30-Day Supply Tub (item # 31G) , 3.75lb 60-Day Supply Bucket (item #32G), or 10lb 180-Day Supply Pail (item #33G). FOB