Sisal Rope Boing Swing Bird Toy Perch Large Green Adjustable review

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Big GREEN SISAL ROPE BOING: You as well as your bird are going to LOVE these outstanding tinted boings. We had really been asked if we had accessibility to the rope boings yet due to the fact that we are TOTALLY APPOSED to ANY types of cotton ropes that is not Supreme we refuse to lug them. Currently we know that many people do and also lots of people have utilized them for many years but we have actually heard the horror stories from these ropes and it mattered not how well they were made. If you take a closer check out exactly what the rope boings are constructed from you will see that they resemble fine strings. Our team believe these ropes should be kept for pet playthings and omitted of bird toys. We understand that appears extreme but SAFETY is our major concern as well as we make no apologies for that. As we promise to you, we will certainly NOT market you anything we would not as well as do not use or offer to our very own birds and the rope boings is a thing we will NEVER give to our own birds. However, these WONDERFUL sisal rope boings we DO offer to our very own birds and that is why we agree to sell them to you for your own … This amazing sisal boing includes a c-clamp and also a nickel layered liberty bell near the bottom. This size is best for medium as well as large birds. Our amazon.coms have this size and also they enjoy it. Each boing is approx 1" sisal density and also 90" (un-coiled). This listing is for one GREEN Boing swing, which is colored by hand by Jungle Beaks with an FDA approved based tinting. Please note: These might not be exact measurements however are really close approximations. We currently bring the boings in 7 colors, multi-color as well as in 3 sizes … The boing is flexible to the size and also length you desire.