PetsN’all | 27000 sqft | Invisible Pet Fence System In-Garden Pet Barrier Control Dog Fence System Underground Dog Fence Containment System with Water Resistant Electric Dog Collar & Transmitter review

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PetsN' all Undetectable Family pet Fencing System In-Garden Family pet Barrier Control Canine Fence System Underground Pet dog Fence Containment System with water resistant Electric Canine Collar & Transmitter


Our in-ground electrical family pet fence system maintains your pet safe as well as safe inside established borders, dependable and also budget-friendly. The hidden wires communicate with the rechargeable obtain collar around your dog's neck to train your pet dog to remain within the well-known area. Using a series of stimuli, the system will certainly provide step-by-step fixed charges as your dog proceeds closer to the limit.

How it works

To produce an undetectable fence around your lawn to keep your canine safe and also protected, hide the boundary wire around the wanted variety and also utilize the limit notes as a suggestion. Fit the collar receiver to your pet dog. The buried cord transmits a safe radio signal, triggering your canine's collar receiver to supply stronger and also more powerful stimulations as it approaches the limit. This will certainly educate your pet dog to stay within the established limits. Detailed guidelines of installment and training are included in the manual.

Just what's included

Establish consists of:

1 x Indoor wall-mounted transmitter

1 x Power plug for transmitter

1 x Adjustable receiver collar

1 x Supplied charger for receiver collar

1 x Boundary wire of 200 meters

2 x Extra steel call factors

20 x Boundary marks

1 x Test light bulb

2 x Screws

Comprehensive individual manual