Parrot Stand Playground Climb the ladder Bird Playland (19″L13″W21″H) review

Well created, very large, very easy to set up, it is unstable or "wobbles" well, you can get a small wrench and tighten it, it is tightened as well as doesn't removal.

When maintained as pet dogs parrots need time beyond their cage to play, to work out and to interact with their human buddies. With this in mind the competent group of QBLEEV artisan have made a system of entertainment as well as useful workout structures for a range of parrots.

The QBLEEV Wood Bird Toy Activity Center supplies a vivid, enjoyable setting for your bird to reduce dullness and also stress. The bird stand includes several perches, ladders, as well as swing to offer your bird plenty of chances to obtain exercise.

The swing gives a difficult video game of spin as well as move the ring and the plaything is perfect for your bird to chew. Made of all-natural, non-toxic wood, this colorful bird plaything activity center will provide hours of entertainment for your animal.

It is suitable for birds such as parakeet, cockatiel, as well as conure parrots.

NOTES: The previous of 2 bird stands have 2 food as well as water cups, while the NO. 1 and NO. 2 stands have 4 food and water cups.