FrontPet Willow Cat Tree Tower Espresso / 20”L x 20”W x 69”H / Cat Tower / Cat Scratching Tower / Cat Activity Tower / Modern Cat Tower / Modern Cat Tree / Unique Cat Furniture / Cat Furniture Modern review

The Elegant Cat Tower That Stands Like a Willow:
The Willow Cat Tree Tower will not only bring tranquility and elegance to any modern home, but this modern cat tower will also provide your beloved cat with a beautiful playpiece and lounge area. Made delicately to provide you with the most beautiful cat tree tower, and tough enough to ensure your cat will be safe on all levels of the cat tree. The lounge at the top of the cat activity tower has carpet and is curved, giving your cat the perfect perch to hang out on and see everything from high above. This modern cat tower has two platforms below the top that have carpet pads which makes a perfect perch for your cat to sit on and jump between. At the base of the cat scratching tower there is a cathouse that has a cushion on the top and on the inside, making it a great place for your cat to nap to its heart's content. If you have an indoor cat this is an excellent cat activity tower to give your cat more exercise with many levels to jump up and down from. This cat scratching tower also has a scratch pad for your cat to claw away at.

FrontPet Willow Cat Tower Features:
– Cat Tower Dimensions: 20" L x 20" W x 69"
– Cat House At Base of Cat Tower
– Carpeted cat lounge at the top of the cat activity tower
– Removable scratch pad
– 2 removable velcro carpet pads for platforms
– Cushions for the top and inside of cat home

Treat your cat to something it will love and add elegance to your home with the luxury Willow Cat Tree Tower by Frontpet.

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