Eskadron – Flexisoft ProSafe MEMO boots front review

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1) 2-Level MEMO foam-lining: this viscoelastic foam, originally developed by NASA, adapts well to the contours of a horses leg. A high degree of pressure distribution and shock absorption is achieved. 2) Improved breathability: the open-pored memory layer in the lining guarantees air circulation between the TPE exterior shell and the horses leg. 3) Pro Safe shell in matching color: double protection against knocks and bumps. 4) Ingenious Pro Safe fastening system: dirt-protected Velcro fastening for easy and fast attachment. 5) Flexisoft Zone: for optimal flow of movement. 6) Specially moulded ergot area: for the highest wearing comfort, additionally padded by an extra thick and neatly finished lining edge. The Eskadron Flexisoft Pro Safe MEMO boots are available for the front and hind (1170225) legs. Text by CALEVO.