Comolife Comfortable Pet Car Seat Carrier Bag , Attachable on Suit Case , Color : Brown , Size : H10.14 x W17.55 x D7.21 Inch review

This cute dots pet carrier bag is so easy to use and it is very comfortable for your lovely pet. It can be a car seat for your pet & can be attached on suit case. Upper area of the bag is made of mesh fabric so it has a good ventilation. Also there are two windows on the sides an one belt to connect to pet's collor fot preventing the pet coming out from the bag. The footing plate is removable so you can put pet sheets etc.
Precaution : 1. This product is not made or protecting your pets' lives. It is made to carry your dog with you. 2. If it gets wet , dry it completely. 3. Do not put any sharp things. 4. Do not wash it in washing machine. Do not use a dryer either. 5. Do not put this bag near fire. 6. Do not put anything on this bag. 7. We don't take any responsibility in case your pet break the bag or your pet gets unexpected injury and aslo in case the bag is broken or any accident because of natural disaster.
How to take care : 1. if the bag get dirt or dust , remove it with soft brush. If the dirt is strong , use cloth wich includes neutral detargent and wipe it. 2. Do not use thinner or bengie to avoid the color fading. 3. Do not dry the bag with dryer or hair dryer. It can cause shrinking , defortation. Therefore in case you wanna dry the bag , wipe it with towels and get rid of the moisture then dry it in the shade.