1 Quart Glass Jar All Natural RED Palm OIL Vitamins Parrots/birds Feathers review

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One Quart Glass Jar 100% PURE Organic Red Palm Oil: This listing is for 1-Quart container of 100% Pure Organic Red Palm Oil. The ONLY thing in this oil is the RED PALM PLANT, there are NO chemicals or dyes nor are any deodorizers or cleaning agents utilized as holds true in several. All Red Palm oil is NOT the very same. Our oil is not combined with ANYTHING period. No other oils etc. When we state 100% Palm Oil that is precisely what it is. We have seen Red Palm oils with several points however, for us it opposes the factor. Real Red Palm oil requires nothing else. Containers are vacuumed closed and also have a safe and secure lid. Incentive: The glass jar is 100% reusable. This RED PALM OIL is The Bird Cure Miracle. This Oil ought to be in EVERY aviary or home with a bird. This oil is GREAT for their FEATHERS and FEATHER PLUCKING As well as their around healthiness. The result it carries birds was really realized by accident, it has actually been utilized in food preparation in nations like Africa and also numerous others for centuries. As a matter of fact it is just as great for YOU as it is for your bird. Some birds in fact like it while others do not. all of our birds LOVE IT. This things is SOOOOO great for them that it is worth exactly what ever you need to do to obtain them to consume it. It benefits their Cholesterol, their skin, plumes and heart, and that is simply exactly what we recognize until now … We do not assure this oil will quit your bird from plucking and if your bird has actually harmed the plume roots his/hers the feathers will probably not expand back … It functions great in eggs and also pasta; you could likewise dip it in their chicken bones or put it on salute and even blend it up in their salads. We likewise lug this Palm Oil in 4oz and also 1 pint glass jars in our shop also. We include an offering suggestion sheet in every order.